Arklow swimmer Hazel Bentley selected for European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships

Hazel Bentley from Arklow has been selected by Swim Ireland to compete at the LEN European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Portugal in June. The Asgard Swimming Club and Wicklow Swimming Club swimmer has also met the selection criteria for a round of the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup later in the summer. That event would see her testing her mettle against senior competitors and some o

‘I have got my energy back and can look to the future. It has given me the confidence to open my own business’ – Alan was out of work and on the kidney transplant list this time last year

ONE year ago, Alan Kelly from Courtown had given up work. His kidney function had failed and his life revolved around when his next dialysis treatment would be. Today, the 44-year-old owns and runs his own butcher shop, Kelly’s Butchers in Carnew, thanks to a kidney donation. Reflecting back recently during Organ Donor Awareness Week, an initiative by the Irish Kidney Association, Alan said he finds it hard to describe the gratitude he has for his kidney donor and their family. He said he has b

Blow for Bridgewater Centre as Argos to close store in Arklow

Bridgewater Shopping Centre in Arklow is set to get a major shake-up as it has been confirmed that Argos is due to close later this summer. Argos has been owned by UK-based supermarket group Sainsbury’s since 2016 and the they announced late in 2020 that they would close 420 standalone stores, mainly in the UK. The idea was to boost profitability as things reopened post-pandemic by incorporating more Argos counters into Sainsbury’s stores, rather than having additional costs of separate premis

Golfers raise €19,000 for Kane Fox (3) at Blainroe Golf Club Classic

Broomhall Estate’s annual Golf Classic at Blainroe Golf Club has raise an astonishing €19,000 for an appeal seeking to help three-year-old Kane Fox get life-changing treatment in the US. The event was supported by all sorts of local businesses, particularly WH Scott Engineers, whose Managing Director Patrick Doyle said last week: “It was absolutely brilliant. Loads of sponsors came on board to donate funds, prizes and services and we raised €19,000. The good news is that all of that is pretty m

Horseriding Biomedical Science graduate crowned Blessington Rose 2022 at first official Rose Of Tralee community event

Blessington was home to a world first on Sunday night as Caoimhe Flynn became the very first Community Rose to win at an event officially endorsed by the Rose of Tralee International Festival. Organised as a joint enterprise by the Blessington and District Forum, Wicklow Rose team and the Rose of Tralee team, with sponsorship from Hudson Brothers, it was hosted by the Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort, in a ballroom the resort sponsored to allow 12 Blessington Roses to bid to represent their comm

Mum and teacher Lynne Freeman is laid to rest: ‘We will miss her smile and her distinctive laugh’

An overflowing Christ Church in Delgany on Thursday heard of Lynne Freeman's childhood pet Gobbledy Guts the spider, of her knack of unearthing four-leafed clovers, from the children she taught, and of her happiness at belonging to her cherished family, as she was laid to rest following Saturday's tragic swimming accident. Those gathered also heard of her family's profound thanks to everyone who came to her aid when she needed them most on Saturday, April 23 at North Beach in Greystones. Lynne

An award-winning Arklow nurse is using actors to improve mental health services

Ask the scary questions. Be prepared and informed for the answers. Let them know they are not alone. That is the core advice for friends and relatives of people experiencing mental issues from Arklow’s Anita Bignell, who was recently crowned Mental Health Nurse of the Year at the 25th British Journal of Nursing Awards in London. She’s worked tirelessly for more than 20 years in mental health services, most recently on a ground-breaking education project that helps those who may come across peo

Arklow’s Kathyann Murphy opens up about experience of writing ‘Letting Go’

Arklow’s Kathyann Murphy has opened up about her experience writing ‘Letting Go’, her debut play about the well-publicised life and death of Arklow woman Marie Fleming, who passed away in 2013 after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Kathyann had grown up in Arklow knowing Marie and her partner Tom Curran, but not understanding the full story. She just knew that she and Tom were involved in a drama school together and that his partner was very sick.

‘Rollercoaster’ ride as Arklow groom Mick Molloy’s Grand National dream realised

“It’s the bugle that does it”, says Mick Molloy from Arklow as he tries to describe when it sunk in that the racehorse he was looking after, Noble Yeats, had won one of the biggest horse races in the world, the Randox Health Grand National. By now almost 500,000 people on Facebook alone have watched Mick’s techno-beat dance as he punched the are to cheer Noble Yeats home, standing on the turf opposite the finishing line at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool in England. Millions more have watche

5 Swimrise Tips for Sunrise Swimming

One positive to winter for open water swimmers is that sunrises are later, making swimrises – swimming at sunrise – more regularly achievable. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, we’ve got some tips you should be aware of. The sun rises in the east (and sets in the west), so the best sunrise swims will be at spots that face towards the east. Take a look at our Swim Spots map to get an idea of some east-facing spots. The time on your sunrise calendar is when the sun should be visible, but the

Why Use A Tow-Float in Open Water?

You’ve seen the water dotted with them, but why should open water swimmers use a tow-float? First of all, let’s explain what they are. A tow-float is a small, brightly-coloured inflatable that you attach to your body via a waist band and leash. It floats along behind you as you swim, making you more visible to other water users, particularly boats and jetskis. You can also use a tow-float to rest on while you’re waiting for your friends to catch up, or even as a pillow to lay back and enjoy th

3 Things for Open Water Swimmers To Do In The Pool

3 Things for Open Water Swimmers To Do In The Pool Winter in Ireland means cold water getting colder and open water swims getting shorter – or disappearing altogether. But you can still get your swimming fix and improve your open water swimming in the pool! Swimming in the pool is essential to improving and maintaining your swimming fitness, and following a good training plan, getting…... Login Join Now This content is for Me and the Water members only.

What is sighting? How do you get good at it?

What is sighting? How do you get good at it? One key difference between pool swimming and open water swimming is that you have no lane lines or markings on the floor to follow. The world is literally your oyster and you can go in any direction you please, for as long as you wish. The downside to this new-found freedom is you have to…... Login Join Now This content is for Me and the Water members only.
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